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About JSPS

Principal's Message 2017

mdmgohmy.jpg Welcome to Jing Shan Primary School (JSPS)!

At JSPS, we value each and every child and seek to provide a happy and conducive environment for our pupils to learn and grow.  Our curriculum prepares our pupils holistically in the moral, intellectual, physical, social and aesthetic domains.  Central to the curriculum is the strong emphasis on values, with special focus on the five school values of Loyalty, Integrity, Generosity, Enthusiasm and Responsibility (LIGER).

We have two signature programmes in the areas of Visual Arts & Pottery and Science.  Our Applied Learning Programme (ALP) in the area of Science is distinguished through the I3 Approach (Inquiry, ICT & Innovation) to learning Science.  Thinking routines are infused with technology in the learning of Science.  Our Learning for Life Programme (LLP) is in the area of Visual Arts and Design and promotes ‘Nurturing Thinkers, Learners and Leaders through Visual Arts and Pottery’.  In our in-house Pottery programme, our pupils learn critical 21st century competencies in the pottery making process through the use of artful thinking routines. 

Our curriculum innovations have reaped benefits for the school.  We achieved year-on-year improvement in both our quality and quantity passes over the past three years across many subjects.  This is most encouraging for my team of dedicated colleagues, and is an outcome of our restructuring efforts in our teaching and learning processes and structures in recent years.  Our student-centric and ability-based approach, as well as the use of both school-wide and subject-specific pedagogy has reaped direct benefits for our pupils, which we hope to sustain and further improve upon.     

Beyond our endeavours in the academic arena, the school places equal emphasis on the character development of your child.  We have a comprehensive Pupil Leadership programme and Character and Citizenship Education programme.   Through our efforts in these areas, we hope to provide your child with rich learning experiences to develop them into values-driven leaders. 

We thank all parents of our pupils for giving JSPS the privilege of educating your child alongside you.  We cannot do this alone without your close support at home.  We look forward to partnering you to build a strong foundation and cultivate essential skills that would help your child to excel not only academically but also in life.

Onward we strive!     


Mdm Goh Meei Yunn 

January 2017