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Principal's Message 2018

mdmgohmy.jpgA Happy New Year to you and a warm welcome to Jing Shan Primary!

The big news for 2017 was about our impending merger in January 2019 with Da Qiao Primary School.  Last week, we informed all parents of the name of the merged school, in which our existing name of “Jing Shan Primary School” will be retained.  The merger presents an excellent opportunity to combine the good practices from both schools and offer new learning opportunities to our pupils.   My colleagues and I are committed to ensure a smooth transition for everyone, and preparatory work has already started in 2017 to align our practices and programmes including the sharing of common exam papers, use of common textbooks, and alignment of common teaching schedules.  The preparations will intensify this year and we will be organising events for pupils of both schools to connect and bond. 

In September last year, I informed all of the postponement of our school upgrading works.  This is unrelated to the announcement of our merger, but rather due to a need to further review the design to accommodate new requirements for the upgrading project.  We are still on course for the upgrading works to start in November this year.  Taking into account the pupils joining us from Da Qiao, immediate provisions will be made by Jan 2019 to ensure that there are ample classrooms and facilities to cater to the increased student population in the existing school blocks.  The building of the new Indoor Sports Hall block with new special rooms is projected to be fully completed by Jun 2020.

Amidst the preparations for the merger and the upgrading, we are fully committed to ensure that we continue to deliver quality education to your children.  At the Primary School Leaving Examination (PSLE) last year, the school maintained our good passing rate, with over 99% of our pupils eligible for Secondary school.  The school will continue to work on improving our quality results by customising our programmes for our pupils of different abilities, including a talent development programme for our high progressing pupils and a structured support programme for our low progressing pupils.     

The focus this year will be on cultivating a culture of thinking in the school.  Since 2014, we have introduced the use of thinking routines as a classroom pedagogy.  This is evident in most subjects at Jing Shan, including Science, Mother Tongue, English and Art.  We have married thinking routines with technology in the curriculum with the Seamless Science programme at P3 and P4 this year.  Our belief is that thinking should go beyond the use of the routines and be part of the way of life for our pupils.  In the area of student well-being, we are introducing Growth Mindset principles to all our pupils.  Through simple but enduring messages that teach our pupils that intelligence is not fixed, that they should always try their best, and to learn from their mistakes, we hope to inculcate in our pupils the resilience and strength of character to persevere in the face of adversity.   

Onward we strive!     


Mdm Goh Meei Yunn 

January 2018