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Level 1


Our Vision and Mission statements are clearly visible at the foyer the moment you walk into the school. The School Values are also painted on the pillars.
School Foyer.jpg

Art Garden

Decorated with beautiful ceramic pieces, the art garden is a welcoming sight when visitors enter the school.

art garden 3.jpgart garden.jpg


 Our canteen vendors serve a variety of healthy food to nourish our pupils. 
     canteen 2.jpgCanteen 1.jpg

IBusking Corner

Jing Shan pupils are encouraged to showcase their talents in front of a live audience.

ibusking 1.jpgibusking 2.jpg

Jing Shan has talent corner


General Office

This a place where our corporate staff will answer all calls and queries and attend to any walk-in visitors.

general office.jpg

Heritage Gallery

The Heritage Gallery is a designated area that tells the story of Jing Shan Primary. It is an open area where every pupil and staff can view the artefacts.
heritage 1.jpgheritage 3.jpg

Pottery Room

Our pupils get to create their own masterpieces in the pottery room.
pottery 1.jpgpottery 2.jpg

Parade Square and Field

The Field and Parade Square are open areas and are right next to each other.  A variety of activities take place on a daily basis at these open areas, e.g. PE Lessons, basketball, football etc.
 field.jpgparade square.jpg

LSE Room

The Learning Support for English is equipped with learning aids and manipulatives to help pupils who need additional help in English. The room is visually appealing and comfortable.

GuZheng Room

Aspiring musicians can sign up to be part of the GuZheng ensemble. 

Primary 1 Classroom

This a a place where P1 students get to learn and interact with their classmates and teachers. The classrooms are spacious and well-ventilated.