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SG 50 home (e-book)

Jing Shan's contribution from e-book titled 'SG50 Reflections: Our Hopes and Memories (HOME)' to commemorate the nation's birthday! 
The e-book was launched by President Tan. Check out our JSPS video, 'Water Resource Development in Singapore (1975-1984)', by Arcci Jiv Cocjin Amor (Class 4/1) and Muhammad Syafiq B Heruwan (Class 6/2). 

You can take a look at our pupils' work here: 
Water resource development.html

2013 August - COMPASS S1 Cluster School Visit

Excerpt of speech by Mr Heng Swee Keat, Minister for Education, at MOE ExCEL Fest 2014 Awards Ceremony, at the Suntec Convention Centre, on Friday, 11 April 2014: 

"Educators are not the only ones who want to bring out the best in every child. Partner with parents and community to open new educational opportunities that schools alone cannot provide. Be prepared to let parents/community lead initiatives where they are the most suitable. I look forward to ExCEL Fest 2014’s inaugural PSG Conference, much of which is run by parents.

Art is not usually taught by parents. Jing Shan Primary finds ways to get the parents involved in the Art curriculum. The school has a comprehensive visual arts and pottery curriculum, and holds four visual arts exhibitions every year to showcase students’ art pieces. Parents are invited to these events. They also co-create art pieces with their children’s art pieces.

This innovative approach enhances the child’s self-confidence, motivates the child to excel, and promotes parent-child bonding. Mdm Kee Suh Chuen, a parent supporter, helps out regularly at the school’s Arts outreach programmes. Her son, Tan Chern Yi, learnt to make sculptures with his mother, during the Parent-in-Education pottery class. The mother and son spent quality time bonding with each other through the pottery lesson."