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Information and communication technology (ICT)

Department's Role in Fulfilling the School Vision

ICT is not taught as a distinct subject in Jing Shan but it is a tool integrated into the curriculum and used effectively by teachers to enhance teaching and learning.


  • to support knowledge construction through collaborative online activities

  • to facilitate the process of review and reflect on knowledge gained, progress made and what has been learnt.


  • to ensure the safety and well-being of all

  • to support the development of knowledge and skills in New Media Literacies


  • to advocate positive online behaviour

  • to support pedagogical innovative practices   

Our Approach

At Jing Shan we aim to produce learners who are Future-ready and Responsible Digital Learners. Every pupil will have equitable access to ICT resources so that they will be able to

 Future Ready

     engage in collaborative and self-directed learning

     acquire a set of new media literacies  - curation of digital resources, creation of digital products and collaboration

       with others to learn and work collectively with digital information

     engage in assessment of their own work and those of others with the use of ICT



Responsible Digital Learners

     understand the importance of internet safety and how to remain safe online

●     share the importance of ethical and responsible use of ICT 

  Cyber Wellness Quiz

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