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National Cyber Wellness Challenge 2018

Our Cyber Wellness Ambassadors participated in the National Cyber Wellness Advocacy Challenge in Term 2. In this Challenge, they were tasked to design interesting and relevant content that will engage parents in the active promotion of Cyber Wellness through the SG ConneXion app, which is open to the public.  Our Cyber Wellness Ambassadors created an E-Trail, based on the theme ‘Evaluating Content on Social Media’. The team did the school proud as they were shortlisted for the final round of this advocacy Challenge.

To emphasize the importance of Cyber Wellness to our student population, our Cyber Wellness Ambassadors will be organizing a Cyber Wellness Funfair from 13-15 August, Monday to Wednesday, during the 3 recesses. The Cyber Wellness Funfair will include Cyber Wellness games booth, Exhibition, Craft stations and a Body Art Booth. 

We would like to encourage parents to support the Cyber Wellness initiative. There are two ways to take the pledge and you can select either one that you are comfortable with.

Method 1: 

1) Download the SG ConneXion app on your mobile phone.
2) Take the Parents Pledge on the SG ConneXion App.
3) Send a screenshot of the pledge using your child's ASKnLearn account to the school for endorsement. Once the schools 
    receives the screenshot, your child/ward can proceed to the Body Art booth to collect exclusively designed temporary tattoo 
    stickers from the Cyber Wellness Ambassadors during the funfair. 

Method 2: 

1) Complete the hard copy of the attached Parents Pledge
2) Allow your child/ward to submit the hard copy of the pledge to the Cyber Wellness Ambassadors at the fun fair. Once the pledge
    is received, your child/ward can proceed to the Body Art booth to collect exclusively designed temporary tattoo stickers from the
    Cyber Wellness Ambassadors during the funfair. 


Mobile Device Policy

Mobile Device Policy
Introduction Since 2016, the school has encouraged the use of mobile devices in the classroom for teaching and learning, as part of the school’s Applied Learning Programme. This policy is drawn up to provide guidance to all pupils and parents on the school’s policy on the use of mobile devices beyond the supervision of our teachers.
We appreciate your support in reinforcing the policy with regard to the use of mobile devices (phones, tablets e.g. iPADs, digital watches, Kindles) in the school.


By bringing mobile devices to school, the pupil agrees to comply with the guidelines below:

Proper Use

1. Pupils are only allowed to use their mobile devices in the classroom or specific areas in the school after they have sought their teacher’s permission.

2. Unless specifically instructed by teachers, mobile devices are to be switched off and kept in school bags at these times:
o 7.30 a.m. - 1.30 p.m.
o 2.00 p.m. - 5.00 p.m.

3. Pupils are only allowed to switch on their mobile devices in the canteen from 1.30 p.m. to 2.00 p.m. It is strictly for communication and not for playing games, surfing the internet or taking photographs. This restriction on the use of mobile devices also applies during school excursions, camps and CCAs.

4. Pupils should ensure that mobile devices are not brought into the examination hall or classrooms. They have to surrender them to the teacher before entering the examination venues. The mobile devices will only be returned after all the examinations have ended for the day.

Responsible Use

5. Pupils should demonstrate respect for others and not use their mobile devices to bully, intimidate or harass other pupils.

6. Pupils should exercise care and responsibility for school-owned or personal mobile devices. These devices are for learning and research purposes only. The school will not accept responsibility for any loss or damage of mobile devices.

Disciplinary Consequences

7. Pupils who fail to abide by the rules will have their mobile devices confiscated. Confiscated devices can only be collected by the pupil’s parent/guardian.
8. Any form of misuse of mobile devices will be dealt with by the Discipline Committee.