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Department's Role in Fulfilling the School Vision

To nurture our pupils, through our Music curriculum, to be a/an:
      • Innovative Thinker: One who is aware and able to appreciate music in the local and global cultures. (EXPOSURE)
      • Inquiring Learner: One who is developed, informed, and have a life-long involvement in music. (EXPERIENTIAL)
      • Impactful Leader: One who is able to express themselves creatively and communicate through music. (EXTENSION).

The General Music Programme (GMP) is developed on the premise that all children are musical and have the innate ability
to listen, sing, dance, play and express themselves musically. They learn music best through active participation in
performing, listening and moving, and creating music. Learning experiences are therefore musical experiences that harness
their abilities, and tailored to their developmental stage.

Curricular Goals

The Music Curricular Goals aims to provide students with:
      • experiences which organises learning experiences systematically and builds new knowledge/skills upon what is familiar, contributes towards deeper learning and understanding (Learner)
      • application of musical concepts in the context of songs, music and through musical experiences such a - listening, performing, and creating music (Leader)
      • connection making between Listening, Performing and Creating through improvisation (Thinker)
      • the study of music from local and global cultures deepens students’ understanding of their cultural roots and that of others, and broadens their perspective of the world, via a musical one (Learner)
      • opportunities to learn beyond the classroom (Learner)
          • Attending musical performances during assemblies
          • Going on Learning Journeys
          • Interacting and working with professional musicians (through National Art Council Arts Education Programme)
          • Performing to different audience (e.g. concerts at public venues, performances for school events, casual performances at recess i-busking)
      • skills of harnessing Information and Communication Technology (ICT) for collaborative work to increase student-engagement, promote self-directed learning, expression, and facilitate information gathering and discussions (Leader)