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Department's role in Fulfilling the School Vision

To nurture our pupils, through our science curriculum, to be a/an:

 -    Innovative Thinker: One who thinks critically, creatively and reflectively (EXPLORE)   
 -    Inquiring Learner: One who questions and investigates. (ENGAGE)  
 -    Impactful Leader: One who cares for the environment and spreads the message of conservation (EMPOWER)

Curricular Goals

The Science Curricular Goals aims to provide students with:

      •  experiences which build on their interest in and stimulate their curiosity about their environment (Thinker)
      •  basic scientific terms and concepts to help them understand themselves and the world around them (Learner)  
      • opportunities to develop skills, habits of mind and attitudes necessary for scientific inquiry (Learner)
      • scientific knowledge and methods to make personal decisions (Leader) · appreciation of how science 
      • influences people and the environment (Leader)

Our Approach

Experience of Learning

Learning Science – the I3 (Inquiry, ICT & Innovation) Approach, is a consolidation of the school’s multi-pronged efforts to infuse inquiry-based pedagogy, seamless learning and innovation into the design of the Science Programme.

Inquiry – Making Thinking Visible
Since 2012, the school has incorporated Visible Thinking routines into the Science Curriculum.   Making thinking visible in the classroom provides pupils with vivid models of what the process of good thinking looks like and shows them how their participation matters.  Through the use of thinking routines, we want pupils to learn to ask thoughtful questions, to construct careful explanations, to explore new viewpoints, and to see the complexity and multi-dimensionality of the topics they study. It is hoped that through this, pupils will be able to bring their experiences and learning from the classroom into their daily lives.

Our Focus

To support low progress pupils (SUPPORT)For all
To stretch high progress pupils (STRETCH)
 Broad-based Programmes
Green Programme
Sony Creative Science Award - Creative Toys Competition
Science Challenge
ICT-Datalogger Activities
Young Scientists Cards

P1 and P2

Young Explorer Programme

Learning Journeys

P3 and P4

Banded ClassesEvery Child a Seed Programme (P3) - In collaboration with NParks

Integrated Math & Science Zoo Guided Trail at the Singapore Zoological Gardens (P3)

Hydroponics Programme (P4)
 Science Olympiad Training (P4)
 P5 and P6

 Banded Classes Project Work (P5)

DNA Learning Centre @ Science Centre (P5)

Ecology Trail (P6)
Science Olympiad Training (P5) 


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