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Head of Department
Mdm Felicia Eng
Math Committee Members
Miss Tan Soo Hian 
Mdm Nadiah Yusoff 
 Mrs Irene Neo
 Mr Rendra
Mrs Eunice Yeo 
 Mrs Gayathri Asogan
 Mrs Alaina Wee
Mrs Karen Chew 
 Mr Ang CP
 Mdm Lee KY


ICAN Mathematics Program @ JS


Improvement in Confidence and Achievement in Numeracy

Our Objective: To improve student's confidence and achievements in Maths.

I-CAN Principles

Establish Routines & Norms

Create a Motivating Environment

Check and Diagnose

Focus on fundamentals

Use Explicit and Direct Instruction

Simplify and Scaffold

Communicate and Reason

Practise and Review

Math Shopping Trip

The objectives of the “Shopping Trip” are:

  • To provide an opportunity for our pupils to exercise finance budgeting and make actual purchases of items at a commercial establishment
  • To get our pupils involved in the school’s ‘Community Involvement Programme’ (CIP) in purchasing items for the senior citizens of our adopted Elderly Home.
  • To provide opportunity for our pupils to practice working  cooperatively with others, make responsible decisions, evaluate and reflect on their decisions.

Heuristics Skills

The Math department takes on a school-wide approach to introduce various thinking and heuristics skills which are used to help pupils solve mathematical problems.


Working With External Partners

The school also works with Anderson Secondary School to provide additional help for our pupil in Mathematics, outside curriculum time.  During these sessions, each Secondary 3 pupil from Anderson Secondary School coach either one or two Primary 6 pupils from our school with their Mathematics. 

The school also works with Mendaki to provide intensive help for the Muslim pupils who require additional support in Mathematics. The selected pupils have 20 3-hour sessions of small group tuition with an appointed Mendaki tutor.


Programmes For High Ability Learners

  • HA Enrichment Programme
  • International Competitions and Assessment for Schools (ICAS)
  • Mathlympic (ACS)
  • National Maths Olympiad (NUS High)
  • Singapore Maths Olympiad (Hwa Chong Institute)