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Subject Head
Mrs Elaine Wong
Science Committee Members
 (P2/HAL) Mr Melvin Pao
 (P3) Mdm Nadiah Yusoff
 (P4) Mrs Jiaudeen
 (P5) Mrs Mariam Abas
 (P5 SBB) Mdm Kok E. L.
(P6) Ms Jean Tan 
(P6 SBB) Mr Ibrahim 
 Mr Swarna
 Ms Nur Hamiza


Creative, Innovative Problem Solvers 


To provide pupils with the opportunity to acquire skills and knowledge necessary for scientific inquiry and problem solving and to develop thinking skills for lifelong learning.

Science Curriculum

As part of our school’s efforts to nurture the spirit of inquiry in Science, as well as to cater to the different needs of our pupils, a wide array of programmes and initiatives have been planned to :

  • give our pupils a deeper understanding of  science knowledge and skills.
  • to stimulate their interest in science.
  • to educate them to be more scientifically literate.

Learning Science through LEARNING JOURNEYS


Learning Science through Creative Science Challenge

Creative Science Challenge is held twice a year to allow the   pupils to dream, create, experiment and generate their creative sparks. P3 to P6 pupils will work in teams to design and build a stand-alone science exhibit based on the theme for the year. It allows the pupils to engage in, be excited and the marvel of  science through exploration and experimentation.


Learning Science through our Green Programme

The school places much emphasis on taking an active role in caring for the environment and adopts a whole-school approach, often integrating other departments and CCAs in school. Through such collaborative efforts, the school creates a wide-ranging programme which promotes awareness among everyone in school. The 6 year CIP programme focusing on part of saving the earth is part of the school’s on-going efforts to promote good character in our pupils - to inculcate care and respect towards our environment, and be responsible in our actions.


Learning Science Through Engaging Strategies and ICT

The teaching and learning of science is enhanced through the use of  information technology  ie: Inspiration mind map, dataloggers, simulation demonstration videos, podcasts, online games enabling pupils to carry out investigations and to collect data.

Our Facilities

1. Science Laboratories 

Our school currently has 2 Science laboratories - the Life Science Laboratory, the Physical Science Laboratory.

2. A School in a Garden

The Eco-garden, The Plaza Garden, The Rooftop  garden, Outdoor Learning Lab provides green pockets of garden landscape in the school which serves both aesthetic and educational purposes. With the greenery around the school, it is not uncommon that children get to spot some 'visitors' to our gardens like caterpillars, butterflies and birds