2022 Homework Policy

Jing Shan Primary School

2022 Homework Policy


Value of Homework


1.        Purposeful homework can enhance the achievement of learning outcomes. It reinforces 

          students’ understanding, contributes to their learning progress and cultivates a healthy disposition towards learning.


Definition of Homework


2.        Homework refers to any learning activity that students are required to complete outside of curriculum time.

          Homework could be in the form of an assignment to reinforce learning concepts; a project that shows application

          of learning; or an interactive online platform for self-directed learning. Homework does not refer to revision of school 

          work or studying for spelling, tests and examinations.


Role of Parents


3.        Parents play an important part in the children’s education. Parents can consider doing the following to support 

          their children in their learning.

  ·     Check your child’s Student Handbook daily to view the homework assignments for the day.

  ·     Spend time to supervise your child in doing the homework assignments and learning through the 

       homework assignments.

  ·     Remind your child to complete the school homework before doing tuition work (if any).

  ·     Do not do the work for your child, if you want your child to learn.

  ·     Guide your child to set aside a regular study time and establish good study habits.

  ·     Ensure your child’s timely completion and punctual submission of homework assignments all the time, so that 

       there will not be a backlog.

  ·     Consult teachers on your child’s progress.


Role of Students


4.       In order to benefit maximally from homework, students should do the following on a daily basis.

  ·     Refer to the whiteboard in the classroom for the homework assignments.

  ·     Record the homework assignments in the Student Handbook.

  ·     Make sure that they understand what needs to be done for all the given homework assignments.

  ·     Seek help from classmates, friends or teachers if they face any difficulty.

  ·     Organize their textbooks, workbooks, worksheets and files systematically.

  ·     Ensure that the homework assignments are brought home to be completed and not left in school.

  ·     Have a home study timetable and a neat study area at home.  

  ·     Submit completed homework assignments punctually to teachers.


Guidelines on Homework Assignment during School Term


5.        On a daily basis, the school endeavours to balance the value of homework with the time students may need to 

           spend on completing homework outside curriculum hours, as follows:

P1 and P2

(Total: 30 minutes to 1 hour)

P3 and P4

(Total: 1 hour to 1 hour 30 minutes)

P5 and P6

(Total: 1 hour 30 minutes to 2 hours)

20 minutes for EL per day

20 minutes for MA per day

20 minutes for MT per day

20 minutes for EL per day

20 minutes for MA per day

20 minutes for MT per day

20 minutes for SC twice a week

30 minutes for EL per day

30 minutes for MA per day

30 minutes for MT per day

30 minutes for SC thrice a week

                                EL – English Language; MA – Mathematics; MT – Mother Tongue; SC – Science

6.        No homework assignment will be given a day before a major examination such as the Mid-Year Examination

          (MYE) and End-of-Year Examination (EYE).


7.        Homework assignments will not be given before a festive period during term time, namely Chinese New Year, 

          Hari Raya Puasa and Deepavali.


8.        No homework assignment will be given on Wednesdays to provide a mid-week break and free up time for 

          greater family bonding and other dimensions of the child’s learning and growth outside school.


Guidelines on Spelling


9.        The school believes that spelling instruction and activities help students become stronger readers and more 

          proficient writers. The school conducts spelling as follows:

  ·     EL Spelling will be on Monday/Tuesdays.

  ·     MT Spelling will be on Thursdays.

  ·     If Spelling falls on a public/school holiday, it will be postponed to the next school day or another day 

        stipulated by the subject teacher.


Guidelines on Daily Reading


10.     The school seeks to foster a culture of reading and reflection and develop good reading habits in students.

          It encourages daily reading of at least 15 minutes at home in the following ways:

  ·     P1/P2: Reading to the child and with the child by parents, care-givers or older siblings

  ·     P3/P4/P5/P6: Independent reading


Guidelines on Homework Assignment for School Holidays and Other Special Days


11.     During the school holidays and other special days when students are not required to report to school, 

         homework assignments may be issued. The school has worked out an estimated amount of time that students 

         would spend on homework during each period.



Estimated Time Spent on Homework (for the entire period)

March School Holidays

·     1 hour per academic subject, if any

Mid-Year School Holidays

·     3 hours per academic subject, if any

PSLE Oral (2 days)

·     2 hours per academic subject, if any

September School Holidays

·     1 hour per academic subject, if any

PSLE LC (1 day)

·     1 hour per academic subject, if any

PSLE Marking Exercise (4 days)

·     2 hours 30 minutes per academic subject


12.     During the school holidays (including the Year-End School Holidays), students are strongly encouraged

          to engage in reading and revision.


Partnership with Parents


13.     The school believes in the value of homework to help students consolidate their knowledge and skills and cultivate

          lifelong habits of independent and self-directed learning. We seek the understanding, support and collaboration of

          parents as our partners in education to ensure that homework works for their children and our students.