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Information for Parents 

JSPS P1 Orientation
 JSPS P1 Orientation 2020.pdf 

JSPS P1 Booklist Year 2020

 JSPS P1 Booklist 2020 (1).pdf
 JSPS Booklist Year 2020
 JSPS P2 Booklist 2020.pdf
JSPS P3 Booklist 2020.pdf 
JSPS P4 Booklist 2020.pdf 
JSPS P5 Booklist 2020.pdf 
JSPS P5(FDN) Booklist 2020.pdf 
JSPS P6 Booklist 2020.pdf 
JSPS P6(FDN) Booklist 2020.pdf 

 Home-based learning for 
14 Oct to 17 Oct

 HBL 4 (T4 W5) P1.pdf 
HBL 4 (T4 W5) P2.pdf 
HBL 4 (T4 W5) P3.pdf 
HBL 4 (T4 W5) P4.pdf 
HBL 4 (T4 W5) P5.pdf 
HBL 4 (T4 W5) P5 Foundation.pdf
 Breakfast with Parents 

 Breakfast Conversations 2019 Middle School.pptx 
P5 Breakfast with Parents.pdf 
P6 Breakfast with Parents.pdf 

ECHA Information 
 ECHA_nomination_form_2019 - Lower School.doc 
ECHA_nomination_form_2019 - Middle School.doc 
ECHA_nomination_form_2019 - Upper School.doc 
ECHA Information for Public.docx 

Home-Based learning for 
15 and 16 September 2019

 HBL 3 (T4 W1) P1.pdf 
HBL 3 (T4 W1) P2.pdf 
HBL 3 (T4 W1) P3.pdf 
HBL 3 (T4 W1) P4.pdf 
HBL 3 (T4 W1) P5.pdf 
HBL 3 (T4 W1) P5 Foundation.pdf 
SBB Information Sheet

  SBB Information Sheet.pdf 
MK letter to Parents 30 May 2019 for PG MK_Letter to Parents 30 May 2019 for PG.pdf
2019 School Open House 2019 School Open House.pdf 
Principal's Briefing 2019
 Principal's Briefing 2019 P1&P2.pdf 
Principal's Briefing 2019 P3&P4.pdf
Principal's Briefing 2019 P5&P6.pdf
 Principal's Briefing 2019 YH Time (Lower School).pdf
Principal's Briefing 2019 YH Time (Middle School).pdf
Principal's Briefing 2019 YH Time (Upper School).pdf

P1 Parents Briefing 
 EL_P1 parents briefing _2019.pdf
MATH_P1 parents briefing _2019.pdf
MT_P1 parents briefing _2019.pdf 
PAL Parents Briefing 2019.pdf

P1  Orientation 2019 P1 Orientation for 2019.pdf 

What is your child learning in 
Social Studies?
PSLE Changes 

H1N1 Information 

Sports Safety 

Sports Safety

Cyber Wellness C-Quest Mobil App for parents 

Briefing Slides on C-Quest Mobile App For Parents

Cyber Wellness Resources
 MOE Cyber Wellness Portal

Ministry of Social and Family Development

Media Literacy Council

Health Promotion Board
Parents in Education(PiE) website


Academic Year 2019

Monday, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday

Pupils have to be seated in the school hall by 7.20am.


Pupils have to assemble in their respective classrooms by 7.20am.

Recess Time

Recess 1 (Pri 1 and 4): 9.15 am - 9.45 am
Recess 2 (Pri 2 and 5): 9.45 am - 10.15 am
Recess 3 (Pri 3 and 6): 10.15 am - 10.45 am

Official School Hours

P1 to P6: 7.30 am to 1.30 pm

Remedial/Support Programme Hours 

Tuesday, Thursday or Friday: 2.00 pm to 3.00 pm

CCA Hours

Monday, Tuesday or Thursday: 3.00 pm to 5.00 pm

School Opening Hours

Mondays to Fridays:        7.00 am to 6.00 pm (During school term)    

                                        8.00 am to 5.00 pm (During school holidays)
Saturday and Sunday:    Closed

Parents visiting the school are requested to get permission pass at the Security Counter (at the foyer) before reporting to the General Office.

Parents wishing to meet the Principal, Vice-Principal, Form Teachers or Subject Teachers may call 64566305 to fix an appointment.

Parents who would like to make other enquiries / comments can call 64566305 or write to the following e-mail address:

Our School Facilities

Please contact the school at 64566305 or the Ang Mo Kio Neighbourhood Police Centre at 1800-64519999if you see anyone 
not showing care and consideration in the use of the school's facilities.

School Uniform

Hong Heng Industries Pte Ltd is our school uniform supplier.

Tel                                     : 62835377

Address                             : 80 Playfair Road #06-13 Blk B Singapore 367998

Website                             : www.honghengind.com

School Transport

Singapore Mini Bus Services
Mr Nelson Leong
Email: singaporeminibus@yahoo.com

Health Related Matters

Dear parents and pupils,

This is an important reminder that we need to abide by the Medical Certificates that are issued by the doctors. If any child wants to return to school earlier than the given date in the MC, he or she needs to see the doctor to get clearance to return to school.

We do not and cannot allow any child to return to school when he or she is still on medical leave as instructed by the doctors. Thank you for your cooperation.