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Co-Curricular Activities

CCA 2022

Our Co-Curricular Activities (CCA) complements our academic curriculum by providing means through which students are able to discover their passions, strengths and weaknesses over and beyond what they might learn about themselves in the academic classroom. Other key components of the Co-Curriculum, such as Values in Action (VIA) and Student Leadership Development (SLD), are also infused within our CCA structure to play an important role in the holistic development of our students. Through these programmes, students cultivate healthy habits and life skills, an appreciation

for the aesthetics, develop an active lifestyle, learn sound values, build strength of character and foster camaraderie.


We offer a total of 14 CCAs to cater to the different strengths and interests of our students. For more information on the CCA, please visit the respective CCA pages or contact the respective CCA teachers-in-charge.