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Clubs and Societies

Infocomm Technology (Media Production)

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Our Infocomm Club provides opportunities for members to learn skills valuable in today’s digital age. Members learn skills such as programming in Scratch coding (game and animation production). In addition they are equipped with many multimedia skills such as photography, video journaling and production. Pupils are also given the opportunities to participate in numerous IT-related competitions annually.



To equip pupils with ICT skills in order to be self-directed learners.


Teachers’ In-charge

      Ms Sarifah Rahmat (IC)

      Ms Lim Huishan

      Ms Loh Chew Wi

      Ms Sutha Ayavoo


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In Robotics CCA, pupils learn basic concepts and technical aspects of robotics, the different types, methods and usages of robotics sensors and motors. They will also learn the basics of assembling and controlling simple robots using Lego EV3 Mindstorms.



1. To equip all members with the basic skills in robotics assembling and programming.

2. To develop character strengths of self-discipline, responsibility, creativity and tenacity.

3. To forge camaraderie in the team to complete robotics challenges and missions.



      Mdm Chua Hwee Leng (IC)

      Mrs Rajendran

      Mrs Saheerabanu Jiaudeen


Design & Innovation

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Innovation is key. In Design and Innovation CCA, you will get to experience the joy of learning through the use of technology and various tools such as Strawbees, Chibitronics, 3D pens, 3D printing and more! We are on the constant lookout for new tools and technologies to learn and explore.


  • Design changes the world. With this as a focus, we curtail and take part in competitions that allow us to do just that. The Strawbee Global Challenge is one…and last year (2021) we won the most creative award! Students who join us get to experience creativity in action, and discover that they are capable of so much more!


To equip designers of the Design and Innovation club to be gritty, purposeful learners who use creativity and technology to meet the ever changing needs of the VUCA world with skills and passion. We work to become inspired learners that use technology to enable us to innovate with Purpose. We seek opportunities to serve the community with mastery.


      Ms Grace Tan (IC)

      Mdm Aliana Abdul Rahim

      Mr Chong Chai Hwa

      Mrs Karen Chew

Environmental Science


Environmental Science CCA seeks to develop students’ interest in Science and care for the sustainable environment based on the 3As, Advocate, Act and Appreciate.
      Advocate: Promote sustainability and raise awareness about environmental issues to create a school community, which is more environmentally 
      Act: Innovate using the 3Rs ideas and participate in hands-on green activities and projects that demonstrate science concepts and promote
      Appreciate: Develop interest and care for our environment and nature.

      Ms Peggy Cheong (IC)
      Mrs Mariam Abas
      Mr Ken Ng