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Visual and Performing Arts

Art & Crafts 

Visual Arts 2.pngVisual Arts.png

Art education is one of the important areas in the holistic development of the child. It aims to instill in children an appreciation for things around them. The art club members in Jing Shan are given the opportunity to explore and experiment with different mediums in the making of art. It also takes into consideration the child's creative growth as it relates to his/her emotional, physical and intellectual development.


1. Explore and experiment materials and tools

2. Appraise every piece of artwork

3. Exposure to Art appreciation

4. Respect the work of others

5. Express emotions freely through the making of art in a non-threatening environment


Teachers’ In-charge

      Mdm Karmila (co-IC)

      Mdm Katie Soon (co-IC)

      Mr Norizam Bin Samsudin

      Mdm Ang Geok Pheng


Guzheng Ensemble

   Gu Zheng 3.pngGuZheng 2.png

GuZheng 1.png

JSPS Guzheng Ensemble CCA provides opportunities for members to learn the Guzheng as well as to showcase their talents. It also enables our members to learn and appreciate Chinese Cultural music. In addition, it instills self-discipline, confidence, team spirit, and a sense of belonging in our members. Our Guzheng Ensemble team was awarded the Certificate of Distinction in the Singapore Youth Festival (SYF) Arts Presentation in 2018.



To provide opportunities for our pupils to learn and appreciate music and Guzheng. Also to provide the platform for our pupils to have the experience of taking part in a SIngapore Youth Festival Arts Presentation as a member of an ensemble.


Teachers’ In-charge

      Mdm Anna Foo (IC)

      Mrs Yap Ying Ying

      Mdm Ong Baojin

Modern Dance

Modern Daance 1.jpgMD2.jpg

Our Modern Dance CCA aims to develop the physical skills and deportment of our students, as well as to build up their enthusiasm in the performing arts. We also aim to instill resilience and respect in each member, to be responsible in every role and action they take and striving for excellence in all performances. We believe with all these in place, our students will be better prepared to represent the school in future SYF. Our Modern Dance team was awarded the Certificate of Accomplishment in the Singapore Youth Festival (SYF) Arts Presentation in 2016.



1. To build up pupils’ enthusiasm in the performing arts

2. To instil teamwork and responsibility in each member

3. To prepare our pupils to represent the school in SYF, striving for excellence in all

performances and competitions


Teachers’ In-charge

      Ms Jolene Lim (IC)

      Ms Charlotte Lee

      Ms Isadora Zhong

Cultural Dance 


The JSPS Cultural Dance CCA aims to provide students with experiences to immerse themselves in the vast world of music and movement in global cultures, and become confident performers. Cultural Dancers at JSPS are encouraged to grow their sense of appreciation and passion for the cultural dances by learning the nuances of the arts. They do this through a blended learning experience consisting of face-to-face and online dance sessions, and online self-directed learning. In doing so, they will cultivate the BRIGHT values and demonstrate inventiveness and critical thinking skills through their execution of the dance movements and teamwork. The Cultural Dancers have been awarded the Certificate of Distinction at the Singapore Youth Festival (SYF) Performing Arts Presentation and garnered great support from external organisations during public performances.


CCA Objectives

  1. Demonstrate appreciation and passion for a variety of cultural dances by learning about their nuances in terms of movement and music.
  2. Demonstrate inventiveness and critical thinking through peer and self evaluation of their performance in dance techniques, teamwork and coordination.
  3. Cultivate bravery, responsibility and tenacity by persevering through challenging dance routines.



      Ms Dharshini Rajah (co-IC)

      Mdm Yap Xuelin (co-IC)

      Ms Joanne Kow

      Ms Ning Shuang