Through the teaching and learning of English Language in JSPS we hope to nurture a community of engaged learners who are Empathetic 

Communicators, Discerning Readers and Creative Inquirers. To do that we will focus on developing 21st century competencies through 

the teaching of English Language, paying increased attention to Multiliteracies, Metacognitive skills and Exploratory Talk. 

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Lessons are supported by the following approaches:

·       6 Traits of Writing

·       Inquiry through dialogue

·       Differentiation approach

·       Shared Book approach (SBA)

·       Active Learning with Technology

·       Active Reading for Reading Comprehension

·       Metacognitive approach in teaching critical and inventive thinking

·       Modified Language Experience approach (MLEA) 

Programmes and Activities

The English Department has adopted the 3S approach - Support, Strengthen and Stretch in customising programmes and activities targeting

different groups of students. We believe that proficiency of the English Language is cultivated through rich learning experiences. Our 

programmes encourage the use of English Language through listening, speaking, reading and writing. 

World Book Day

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Learning with Technology

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Authentic Learning Experience


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Language Learning in Context

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Speech and Drama

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