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Mother Tongue

Department's Role in Fulfilling the School Vision

The Mother Tongue Department aims to develop active and joyful Mother Tongue language learners, who are motivated and confident in using the
language to communicate.  The artful design of authentic learning experiences, underpinned by signature pedagogies like differentiated instruction
and formative assessment, enable students to be self-directed and collaborative learners. Additionally, appropriate and pervasive use of information
and communication technology (ICT) tools, make learning tasks engaging. Overall, enhancing students’ skills, knowledge, culture awareness
and appreciation for the language.


Curricular goals

Curriculum Goals

Pedagogical Approaches 

Differentiated Learning

Differentiated learning is implemented to cater to the different learning profiles. Within the curriculum, there is customized learning for those who are highly conversant and skilled and bridging support lessons for those who may have limited exposure to the language.

The department has put in place a range of teaching and learning resources to cater to different profiles and ages. Teachers are trained to adopt and adapt pedagogies to suit the range of learning profiles.

Visible Thinking and Formative Assessment

The department has adopted Visible Thinking Routines (Ritchhart, 2011) and  Dylan’s 5 strategies on Assessment for Learning (2005)  as signature pedagogies to support formative assessment (FA) in teaching and learning. Thinking routines guide students’ thought processes and promote active processing whilst FA tools/strategies like parking lots, traffic lights and exit pass allow teachers to check in on students’ learning and clarify misconceptions. Though FA, students understand that both individuals and peers are important in the language learning process, building an ecosystem of collaboration in the classroom.


The department actively taps on the benefits of technology to enhance student learning. A structured training plan is in place to build on students skills and competency progressively. Students begin with learning touch typing in the lower school, before embarking on learning experiences with tools such as quizlet and decktoys. In time, students would progress to using collaborative tools such as mind-mapping, collaborative canvas and writing to aid their learning.

Signature Programmes

Mother Tongue Fortnight

Scheduled in Term 3, this annual 2-week programme is conducted during curriculum and after curriculum hours. The programme includes novel and exciting language activities like cultural camps, learning journeys, riddles and storytelling sessions. As students immerse themselves in fun and meaningful learning, they apply the skills they have learnt in class while simultaneously appreciating the beauty of the language.

Jingshanites Read

Reading is critical to expand students’ language capacities. Time is set aside for students to read in class daily. The tasks in this programme are carefully curated to sustain students’ reading interest. The programme allows students to share their insights, diversify their perspectives and thinking and facilitate collaborative learning.

Strength Spotlight Programme

The department recognises the uniqueness of each student and offers opportunities for them to stretch their potential. Showcase platforms and
programmes further expose students to the Mother Tongue languages. Examples include competitions, talent shows and ambassador programmes, all of which recognise students’ strength and offer them opportunities to shine. 


Learning language in context through an authentic learning experience:  kite-making and kite-flying

2.pngUse of ICT in teaching and learning

Active learners and communicators: Peer discussions

4.jpgCollaborating through role play and having fun!

5.pngAppreciating and understanding one’s culture

6.jpgFormative assessment on the go!

7.pngCultural immersion via a Learning Journey 

8.pngJoyful language learning through games with peers

9.pngRecess immersion taking place

10.pngRecess immersion