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Middle School 

Middle School

Curriculum Experience at Middle School

At the Middle School, students will learn how to strive to develop the ‘Can-Do’ attitude towards learning in the academic and non-academic domains. Effort is valued and commitment to working towards self-improvement is celebrated. Student will be exposed to new learning in Science at Primary 3 and will continue to seek deeper understanding of subject matter through problem-solving, innovation and experiential experiences.

Learning in and outside of the classroom revolves around evidence-based practices in Positive Education that provide students with knowledge on their Character Strengths and skills to live out Positive Emotions, Gratitude and Mindfulness while building strong relationship with friends, teachers and their families. This will in turn develop stronger sense of self-awareness and self-management in our students so that they thrive as resilient individuals.

School-Based Outcomes


What does STRIVE AND BE CENTRED look like to a Middle School (Primary 3 and 4) student?

        To strive is to

1.      Give their best to think and learn positively

2.      Develop their character strengths and be ready to contribute to family, school and community

3.      Take initiatives and learn to overcome challenges

        To be centred is to

1.      Put values into action to Do Good towards others

2.      Accept themselves for being unique, contributing individuals

3.      Have greater self-awareness to manage self in times of joy and challenges