Primary 3 Student Learning Dispositions


*LDs would be consistent across P3 and P4

Introduction to Science

Students start learning Science from P3.  The science curriculum seeks to nurture the student as an inquirer.  The science curriculum ignites the spirit of curiosity to enhance engagement in explorations.  The goal is to bring joy to the learning of science and value science as an important tool in helping them explore their natural and physical world. 

JS helps students to make connection of Science concepts with real life experiences. At P3, students are exposed to the use of ICT as tools to make students’ thinking visible, guide students to work with peers as learning resources and capture the thought-processes of students as they indulge in purposeful learning in and out of classrooms.



P3 Swimming Programme (SwimSafer)

Swimming is a required learning outcome from the movement education within the PE Syllabus 2014, MOE.  Beyond teaching fundamental movement skills on land, students will also learn movement skills through water so as to open up new possibilities in aquatics.  The water environment offers unique challenges to the students in managing their body in different spatial dimensions, emphasising enjoying during learning and enhancing their water movement competence, without losing focus on water safety.



Mindfulness Trail @ P3

Middle School hopes that students will be nurtured towards intrinsic motivation to learn so that they can meet every challenge in the future with positivity.  Through mindfulness practices and career exploration, students' social intelligence and self-regulation is learned and developed through a Teach, Embed and Live approach.  From FTGP sessions to outdoor learning, challenges are embraced and problems are overcome.  The emphasis that effort is the pathway to mastery as they plan and think about goal setting in view of what they aspire to be in the future is made evident through these platforms. 

Middle School aims to equip students with a growth mindset so that they see school and school activities as a place to develop their abilities and think of challenges as opportunities to grow.

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Learning Journeys (LJs)

One of the best ways to broaden our students’ minds is through exposing them to the world outside the confines of the classrooms.  Students learn not only through the classroom but also through experiential learning when they are out of the classrooms together.  LJs give them the chance to break out of their academic routine.  Learning can take place anywhere and everywhere.

There are a series of LJs planned for the P3s across various academic subjects and more information will be provided nearer to the dates of the respective LJs. 




Primary 3

Marina Barrage

National Education/Social Studies

Primary 3


Science/National Education/Social Studies

More information will be made available to parents nearer to date of LJ.


 Gifted Education Programme Screening Exercise (GEP)

Screening Exercise

Selection Exercise




All P3 students are invited to participate in the Screening Exercise and the Screening Exercise will be conducted in the school.  More information will be provided nearer to the date. 

Only shortlisted students would be invited for the Selection Exercise in October.  The exercise will be conducted in a venue designated by MOE.

Students identified will be posted to a school which offers GEP

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