Primary 4 Student Learning Dispositions


P4 Outdoor Education Camp cum Mindfulness Trail

The P4 Outdoor Education cum Mindfulness Trail is a learning platform for P4 students to:

1.      practise the school values BRIGHT (Bravery, Responsibility, Integrity & Inventiveness, Gratitude, Humility and Tenacity) through collaborative and team-building activities

2.      foster a better understanding of one's strengths and areas for growth through group and personal reflection thereby improving personal emotional intelligence and self-regulation capacities to be a better leader

3.      develop the presence of mind, resilience and 21 century competencies through out of classroom experiences

4.      enhance quality student-to-student relationship and teacher-student relationship



Road Safety Programme – Traffic Games at Road Safety Community Park for P4


Road safety is primarily meant for the protection and security of people who use the roads.  It includes everyone from pedestrians to people travelling on two-wheeled or four-wheeled transport.  Road safety awareness has many areas and our P4 students and teachers who embarked on a learning journey to the Road Safety Community Park (RSCP) understood the rules that various road users follow. 

We believe our Primary 4 students will learn valuable road safety tips which they can use daily.  It was one of the many learning journeys that our students were looking forward to annually.

“Vroom, vroom!”  Learning all about Road Safety, Here we come!

(will use 2019’s Road Safety Park’s photos)

Learning Journeys (LJs)

One of the best ways to broaden our students’ minds is through exposing them to the world outside the confines of the classrooms.  Students learn not only through the classroom but also through experiential learning when they are out of the classrooms together.  LJs give them the chance to break out of their academic routine.  Learning can take place anywhere and everywhere.

There are a series of LJs planned for the P4s across various academic subjects and more information will be provided nearer to the dates of the respective LJs. 




Primary 4

Fort Canning

National Education/Social Studies

Primary 4

Road Safety Community Park

Road Safety

Primary 4



Primary 4

Internationalisation Trip

Student Development


More information will be made available to parents nearer to date of LJ.

Subject-Based Banding Exercise (SBB)


*suggest to upload PDF of MOE’s SBB info sheet in different language for parents to download as additional resource

SBB Process




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