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Applied Learning Programme (ALP)

Green Explorers @ JS

Focus on Environmental Sustainability

Promoting Student Agency in Fighting Climate Change



Green Explorers @ JS” is our school’s Applied Learning Programme (ALP) that aims to cultivate students’ awareness, strengthen affiliation and empower action that contributes to a more sustainable future.

The ALP embarks on efforts to nurture the next generation of environmental stewards in our school by spanning the 4Cs in these pillars under the Singapore Green Plan 2030 - City in Nature, Sustainable Living, and Resilient Future. Environmental sustainability is integrated into our curriculum, campus infrastructure, culture and practices, and ongoing partnerships with the community.

Through the Teach, Embed and Live approach, our ALP seeks to combine head knowledge on the circular economy (an economy which seeks to reduce waste, recovers resources, and channels them back into production) with integrated programmes that provide platforms for students to collaborate and foster deep learning and engagement with a variety of environmental challenges.  

ALP at JS is aligned to the school’s vision of “Thriving Explorers, Mindful Leaders” which aims to develop JingShanites with the 21st Century Competencies, to be values-driven Green Explorers, who are knowledgeable, resourceful, and creative problem solvers to address emerging environmental challenges and take mindful actions to reduce their carbon footprints and create a kinder and more sustainable future for all.


Through platforms such as the Morning Express, Assembly talks and Learning Journeys, JingShanites become aware of various local and global environmental issues such as global warming and climate change and learn ways to combat them through the 3Rs, water and energy conservation, just to name a few! 



We also have exciting programmes during Assembly like the Young Intertidal Explorer’s Programme where students will learn about the different eco-systems as part of our focus on Sustainability in school. Students get the opportunity to engage in conservation efforts beyond the campus!

What’s upcoming will be even more exciting! Stay tune to our page as we will be having a totally new VR experience as part of oral communication in Mother Tongue. Students will be immersed in a virtual environment like our eco-garden as they learn in their MTL languages on themes such as Sustainability!


Green Corridors in JS

Have you seen our green corridors in our school? The corridors along our classroom blocks are lined with beautiful greenery! These plants are adopted by every class and it is our responsibility to care for them.





Farm-to-table Initiative

Defined as a social movement where farmers source ingredients from local farms or grow what they need themselves, Jing Shan Primary also has our very own farm-to-table project! With three sets of hydroponics system, we grow our own baby bak choy, lettuce, mustard greens and kale (just to name a few). Harvested by our students in the Environmental Science CCA, the vegetables are given to our canteen stall holders to prepare meals for staff and students and the salads are also enjoyed by the teachers in the staff pantry!  


As part of the signature programme, students across the levels are also involved in various upcycling projects such as the making of calming jars using recycled bottles and applying what they have learnt in the topic of measurement in Mathematics! These calming jars were presented to students from Chao Yang School as part of our partnership in VIA!




To cultivate mindful habits such as minimizing food wastage, buying or ordering only what we need and reusing waste materials, staff and students in school also practice food waste recycling. Food waste is recycled and made into compost in the Food Composters which are strategically placed in the school canteen and staff pantry! The compost are weighed and packed termly by our Environmental Science CCA members and these compost can be added to soil as fertilizers for our plants! 




JingShanites recently took part in the Clean Plate Campaign this month! Organised by Food from the Heart, the Clean Plate Campaign seeks to raise awareness on food wastage and encourage all JingShanites to pledge and support this movement. Stickers were given out by our student leaders to JingsShanites who end their meal with a clean plate during recess. Each clean plate will raise $1 which will go towards feeding the needy. It really is such a meaningful activity to be part of!