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Learn For Life Programme (LLP)

Flourish @ JS: Character Strengths, Mindfulness and Gratitude in Action

"Flourish @ JS: Character Strengths, Mindfulness and Gratitude in Action" is our school's Learn for Life Programme (LLP) designed to celebrate the character strengths of students to develop them into Thriving Explorers and Mindful Leaders. Inspired by the works of Martin Seligman in Positive Psychology, the Teach, Embed and Live approach towards well-being will equip students with the skills to utilise their strengths and practise Mindfulness and Gratitude in community service. It integrates Values in Action across different subject areas and leverages a school-wide structure for students to practise compassion towards self, others and the school community. 

The various programmes in our school weave aspects of Positive Emotions, Engagement, Relationship, Meaning and Accomplishment for students to Do Good towards others as they Feel Good about themselves. Doing Good and Feeling Good serves to ensure that even the youngest members of our school community can begin to understand what it means to flourish as they leverage their strengths, work on being grateful and learn to be present. We leverage our LLP to develop fundamental learning dispositions much needed for global citizens of the future.