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Total Curriculum Framework

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At Jing Shan Primary School, we see our students as painters of their own canvas. With every choice of colours and stroke of the brush, they paint their aspirations, pathways and futures. The work of the school and teachers is to equip the painters with the basic kit of know-how, techniques, attitudes and materials; the space to try, experiment, imagine and create; and the stewards to guide, challenge and support the painters. This analogy of painters and painting serves as the backdrop of the school’s Total Curriculum Framework. 

We hold as constants our School Motto, our School Operating Principles and the BRIGHT Values. These together provide consistency, stability and safety for our painters.

·     The School Motto “United and True, Onward We Strive” gives students and staff a guiding principle as a team. The school community stands as one, remains true to its mission and moves forward and becomes stronger together,remains true to its mission and moves forward and becomes stronger together.
·     The School Operating Principles stand for our day-to-day endeavour to foster a positive school tone that is rich with care, respect and discipline; be a safe and health-promoting school; and provide a vibrant and stimulating environment for learning and growth.
·    The BRIGHT Values of Bravery, Responsibility, Integrity, Inventiveness, Gratitude, Humility and Tenacity are the anchor that guides and shapes the behaviours and actions of students.

Our big goal is to have our painters as thriving explorers and mindful leaders who shape their canvases into masterpieces, as set out in our
School Vision. Our thriving and mindful painters will possess the Learning Dispositions of Motivation, Appreciation, Resilience and Creativity that put them in good stead to
paint on.

·    Our School Vision of ‘Thriving Explorers, Mindful Leaders’ aims to inspire students to navigate the landscape and chart their own pathways with sensibility and empathy. Every JingShanite will grow as a motivated learner with a growth mindset; a creative thinker who adapts to new situations and solves problems collaboratively; a resilient individual who perseveres to overcome challenges; and an appreciative person who acts in service of self and others
·    The Learning Dispositions of Motivation, Appreciation, Resilience and Creativity are the basis of the Student Outcomes unpacked from the School Vision. Students develop, apply and demonstrate these positive attitudes and qualities as they learn and grow.

The curriculum experience that we provide is the means to realizing the School Vision and nurture the Learning Dispositions. Anchored on evidence-based
research in learning and well-being, the school takes on a 
Strengths-Based Approach to Curriculum Design of programmes and experiences. It provides a
customized curriculum to meet the needs of learners, achieved through thoughtful pedagogy which is effective and engaging, and supported by balanced
assessment which seeks always to provide feedback for further learning and improvement.

The curriculum experience is powered by 4 Strategic Areas of Focus which are to Develop Critical and Inventive Thinkers; Ensure Student Well-Being; Embrace All Learners; Leverage People and Partnerships. They provide the emphases and the directions to take when planning for student learning and

In addition to developing a curriculum experience that is coherent and progressive over 6 years, we ensure that every year of learning and development for\ the child constitutes a suite of undertakings that are age and developmentally appropriate. To this end, we see every student going through three stages of development at Lower School (Primary 1 and 2), Middle School (Primary 3 and 4) and Upper School (Primary 5 and 6). At each stage, there is a school based Learning Focus, namely “Grow and Be Present” at Lower School, “Strive and Be Centred” at Middle School and “Flourish and Be Grateful” at Upper School. The school-based learning focus steers the design of age-appropriate and development-appropriate programmes and practices, thus enabling
students to advance and grow steadily in their Learning Dispositions of Motivation, Appreciation, Resilience and Creativity and take steps towards the School Vision of “Thriving Explorers, Mindful Leaders”.

We immerse our students in a School Culture that is propelled by learning (Learn for Life) and anchored by well-being (Flourish as One). Our students learn

and flourish by developing self-awareness and self-management; nurturing intrapersonal and interpersonal skills that enable them to experience positive emotions and relationships with others; enhancing their sense of engagement in learning by participating actively in a variety of activities; contributing to a caring and respectful community; cultivating a growth mindset to strive for goals that are both rewarding for themselves as well as others in the community; and fostering a sense of anchor and affiliation.

At Jing Shan Primary School, we prepare our students for the future and for their future. If the best way to predict the future is to create it, our JingShanites are poised to design their own pathways, transform their canvases into masterpieces, and be Thriving Explorers and Mindful Leaders always.