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Upper School

Curriculum Experience at Upper School

At the Upper School, students thrive by being independent and resilient learners, in both academic and
non-academic domains. Not only are they good stewards of themselves, but they also desire to influence the school
and community positively.

The Upper School curriculum provides a spectrum of self-directed and collaborative learning experiences for students
to develop a growth mindset within themselves. Through evidence-based practices in Positive Education, students learn
to express positive emotions, through the display of showing gratitude to one another. The six years of well-being
practices foster and strengthen positive relationships with peers, teachers and their parents, allowing students to tap on
their strengths when faced with challenges. In addition, students flourish by ‘doing good, feeling good and paying forward’
to impact others and the community positively.


School-Based Outcomes

School Outcomes.png

What does FLOURISH and BE GRATEFUL look like in a Upper School (Primary 5 &  6) student?

To Flourish is to

      1.      Pursue learning independently with the drive to learn for life

      2.      Manage self with courage and influence others positively

      3.      Solve problems collaboratively for self and others


To be Grateful is to

      1.      Show respect in words and deeds to self and others

      2.     Build quality relationships with one another