Primary 5 Student Learning Dispositions


P5 Outdoor Adventure Camp 

P5 Outdoor Adventure Camp is an integral part of the holistic development of our students. Not only does it forge camaraderie and develop resilience through common challenging outdoor experiences, it also provides opportunities for students to put values into action and display their character strengths in relation to the core values of Bravery, Responsibility, Integrity, Inventiveness, Gratitude, Harmony and Tenacity. Students take responsibility and

recognize the impact and consequences of one’s decisions on self and others. On the whole, students enjoy themselves through purposeful activities and learn valuable experiences which cannot be duplicated in a classroom setting. 





Fun @ the DNA Lab 

Our P5 students attend DNA Lab at the Science Centre to learn about the diversity of cells. They learn about the classification of living things, how to identify the different parts of a compound microscope and know its functions. They are also required to prepare sample slides using simple staining methods so that they are able to view these microorganisms under the microscope. By the end of the lesson, students get to understand the application of using a microscope to identify microorganisms or cells and appreciate their significance on Earth. 







The National Education (NE) Show is organised to instill a sense of pride and belonging in our students and to bring across the significance of our National Day as we celebrate the success of our nation. It also aims to develop group spirit among students and their commitment to the community and our nation. Students are in for a treat as they will bemesmerized by the showcase of Singapore’s defence capabilities. This is the event that students look out for to listen, feel and watch the Singapore story unfold through a colourful display of sights and sounds.





Educational and Career Guidance Modules

MySkillsFuture for students is a one-stop portal to help students discover more about themselves, explore the
different education and career options and start planning for their future. Students can use the information and tools to find
out what they want to do when they grow up, learn about the choices on hand and set goals to work towards their
ambitions. Students are encouraged to explore the Singapore education landscape and understand that there are
many education options for the next phase of their learning. Students will be able to explore the many options open to
them based on their interest and strength.

Click here for more information on MySkillsFuture: https://www.myskillsfuture.gov.sg/content/student/en/primary.html

Inter-disciplinary Subjects and National Education Learning Journeys

One of the best ways to broaden our students’ minds is through exposing them to the world outside the confines of
the classrooms. S
tudents learn not only through the classroom but also through experiential learning when they are out of
the classrooms together.  LJs give them the chance to break out of their academic routine.  Learning can take place
anywhere and everywhere.


There are a series of LJs planned for the P5s across various academic subjects and more information will be provided
nearer to the dates of the respective LJs. 





Primary 5

NE Show

National Education/Social Studies

Primary 5

Science Centre: Diversity of Cells

Science/National Education/Social Studies

Primary 5


National Education/Social Studies

More information will be made available to parents nearer to date of LJ.